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while you're waiting for the food to come
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While You're Waiting for the Food to Come
by Eric Muller, Illustrated by Eldon Doty


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Is the yoke on you?


- An uncooked unpeeled egg

The Recipe:

1) Challenge some one to break an egg in the palm of their hand. Bet them that they can't do it by squeezing the egg with their palm and fingers.

2) Place the egg in their hand.

3) Have them slowly curl their fingers around the egg and start squeezing.

Food for Thought:

It didn't break, did it?
By wrapping your fingers around the egg, pressure is evenly distributed throughout the shell. Eggshells are incredibly strong for their weight. The spherical shape of the eggshell maximizes strength with a minimum of shell material.

If you want to break the egg, you'll need a ring.

If you or some one else is wearing a ring (like a wedding ring) on your finger, squeeze the egg like above. The small contact where the hard metal ring and shell meet is an area of significantly higher pressure. This uneven distribution of pressure will vary likely cause the eggshell to crack. Once a crack forms, that's it!


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