while you're waiting for the food to come

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While You're Waiting for the Food to Come
by Eric Muller, Illustrated by Eldon Doty


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Below are some of the comments about
"While You're Waiting for the Food to Come."

"It's a great book!"

"Best of the Best" list
Chicago Public Library

"Choice List 2000"
Children's Literature

"The Best Books of 1999"
The Center for Children's Books

"A delightful book of science experiments to do in restaurants... A winner"
School Library Journal

"This little paperback will change the way you and your family go out to dinner forever"
Children's Literature Review

"children will have such a good time testing Muller's 'restaurant science' activities"

"A smorgasbord of activities and science experiments"
Publishers Weekly

"extremely clever book"
Copley Newservice

"Restaurants can try kids' nerves...This book is the solution"
San Diego Union-Tribune

"This is a great book"
Science Activities

"Dining out will never be the same."
Genesee Valley Parent

"...each of these activities provides a painless, hands-on explanation of a scientific principle."
Working Mother

"Eric's book will whet your appetite"
Ledger-Enquirer / Star Anniston

"My kids (9 and 12) were so entertained they were unaware they were doing something educational."
The Isthmus (Madison, WI)

"..the idea is an excellent one: Practical applications and easy explanations of science principles.."
Science Books and Films

"It's loaded with interesting experiments you can do at a restaurant table or your own kitchen table."
Press & Dakota"

"..make miles fly by for everyone, including adults"
Miami Hearld

"..this is a must have book"
North Carolina Public Schools

"While You're Waiting for the Food to Come"
by Eric Muller

A feast for curious minds, this savory activity book proves that science is always on the menu in restaurants, at the picnic table, restaurant activitiesin the kitchen, or wherever food is served. It's the perfect way to pass the time while young diners wait for their food to come.
Spiced with many helpful and witty illustrations, this irresistible offering serves up hands-on science at its very best.

The book, published by Orchard Press is available at major book stores and through mail order (via this web site).

About the Author-
Eric Muller has been a Science Educator at the Exploratorium Teacher Institute for more then thirteen years. He is a former fellow of Tufts University’s Wright Center for Innovation in Science Education; He also spent time getting frame-able pieces of paper from the University of California at Santa Cruz and Columbia University.

Searching for a career path, Eric knew what to do after watching two geologists literally drop into a convenience store via helicopter for coffee and donuts in a remote truck-stop in central Alaska.  He became a Staff Geologist, where he was a team leader working on retaliatory nuclear missile strikes. He later left this job for the calming settings as teacher in an inner-city public High School.

Being fidgety, distracted and having a short attention span, has led Eric into developing and playing with virtually everything he can get his hands on.

Between meals, Eric wrote a book entitled, “While You’re Waiting for the Food to Come,” a book of science activities that can be conducted at restaurants.  He has been a regular contributor for KCRW’s “Good Food” show in Los Angeles as well as NPR’s “Sound’s Like Science” radio show as their “Restaurant Science Commentator. “  The later show is now defunct…. makes you think.

Eric lives on accreted oceanic crust north of San Francisco and occasionally goes Whitewater River rafting on his raft, “Ivan Boat-ski.”  He has a couple of kids and a dog named Sputnik.

Eric as well as other educators are available for educational and public presentations. For more information about this service, click here.


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