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DIRECTIONS FOR USING THIS CASE STUDY: This case study can be used in a number of ways. First, it can be given to a group of students who will analyze it and answer the questions below. Second, it can be used as an individual assignment, and, third, as a jumping off point for a class discussion.


Robert Denker had made his money in real estate. He began with one apartment building and now he owned enough land that he was the richest man in Charlotte NC. But, being rich didn't keep you from tragedy. One day his 5 year old daughter, Lucy, was crossing the street and a drunk driver hit her and she flew across the street. By the time the ambulance came she had suffered serious brain damage. In the emergency room, they put her on a respirator and her heart was beating normally. But, doctors told Mr. Denker that she probably would never regain consciousness. He was devastated.

In Charlotte, a group of scientists had just recently cloned a cow from the body cell of a cow that was a high milk producer. They had used Mr. Denker's property for their herd and he had been following their work. As a businessman, he saw the potential for the process. Now, he had another idea.

Dr. Meding-Smith was the head scientist on the project. Mr. Denker called her a week after the accident. He told her he was willing to spend every cent he had to bring his daughter back. He wanted her to clone his daughter from one of her body cells.


1. What should Dr. Meding-Smith do?

2. Give three reasons she should not do this.

3. Give three reasons why she should.

4. If Mr. Denker offered her not only money, but future funding for her research, would this make a difference?

5. Dr. Meding-Smith would be the first to clone a human being, she could have the most modern laboratory, everything she every wanted. Should this play a part?

6. Should scientists do everything they CAN do? Give four reasons for your answer.


Copyright 1995 Ronnee Yashon

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